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SIG P320 M18

SIG P320 M18.

Our M18 shipped in the standard grey plastic SIG box you’ve come to know along with two 21 round magazines as well as a flush fitting 17 round mag.

The 21 rounders are full blown mags, and aren’t extended via the base pad. A base pad provides some extra stippling as well as a flare at the bottom to make stripping the mag quicker.

Further aiding in stripping mags, there are two cut outs on both sides of the grip that you can get your fingers into.

Great for doing tactical reloads where you are putting your empty mags back into your plate carriers or mag pouch as well as if your mags become gritty.

However the mags do drop free by themselves if your intent was to just drop them to the ground.

SIG P320 M18

SIG included a set of SIGLITE night sights that are pretty good to go out of the box. They glow like you’d expect them to.

The front has a white ring around it, and the rear has a black ring. With an optics platform standard on the M18, you’re pretty set out of the box to slap a Leupold Delta Point Pro as well as the SIG Romeo1Pro.

You’ll notice that there are no screws on the top holding down the optic plate, as SIG hid them underneath.

You’ll have to remove the extractor pin to reach them. If you’re anything like us, you’ll immediately tear the pistol apart to slap an optic on there without looking into it at all.

If you’re really like us you’ll let the loaded chamber indicator fall out and immediately lose the spring.

The civilian version P320 M18 differs only slightly from the genuine M18, and the differences are so small that only a serious collector would have concern.

SIG P320 M18

The civilian gun has different corrosion resistant coatings on the internals and does not have some of the markings called for by contract on the M18.

These markings are things like CAGE codes and part numbers. Additionally, the controls on the M18 are finished in flat dark earth while the P320 M18 has black controls.