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Buying a new gun is always a tricky task. Even if you’re a seasoned veteran, you always wonder whether your investment will pay off in the long run.

As time goes by, the design evolves as well. A good gun from the early 2000s may not be that good right now.

At the same time, a good gun from 2020 may become completely obsolete by the mid-2021s. So, if you think about long-term solutions, you really need to have this thing in mind.

At the same time, even though we have plenty of information available on the internet, it’s still very hard to find a good gun. They all look nice and shiny, and they all come with similar features as well. Yet, there is an obvious difference between a functional gun and a non-functional gun.

The price can often be misleading as well. You can pay a whole fortune for your dreamlike pistol, but there’s no guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with your purchase.


The SIG Sauer P238 is chambered for the .380 ACP and has a flush magazine with a capacity of six rounds—extended magazines with finger grips hold seven rounds.

The P238 is a predominately-metal frame with very few plastic parts making it heavier than its Ruger LC380 competition.

My particular P238 has a cherry wood grip instead of the usual plastic grips.

It also uses a metal frame and engraved metal slide. It is a beautiful pistol that doesn’t look like a toy with the visually appealing features that don’t diminish the effectiveness of the gun.

The composition of materials to make the P238 causes it to appear as though it is the mini-me to the 1911 and also weighs more than Ruger LC380.

The P238 has an eight-pound trigger pull and is a single action with a barrel length of 2.7 inches—a very nice change to the Ruger LC380’s heavy double action.

The gun weighs approximately one pound even with all the rounds in the magazine and one chambered, ready to go. At 5.5 inches long, just over an inch wide and almost four inches tall, it is easy to hide and can fit inside many small purses.

It’s about the size of a large wallet. The P238 also has factory SIGLite night sights installed on the pistol with an easily-accessible safety on the left side of the frame.


The P238 is fairly petite in comparison to larger-caliber offerings, and small compared to some .22 pistols, as well.

The size makes it an excellent choice for concealment, but also means it can be difficult to hold without having fingers dangling off the bottom.


Enter the extended magazine that increases the grip length and capacity by one round.

I have small hands, so I can hold the gun well with the flush magazine.

However, with the extended magazine, I always hold it better. Quite simply, I guess this is because I don’t have to think about having my pinky finger accidentally slipping during firing.