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If you are a fan of SIG SAUER firearms, then you are already aware of this company’s approach to the gun industry is to provide the finest German engineering and design.

SIG firearms and accessories seem to constantly evolve within their lineup based on end user input from real world operators.

Within their structure, there are classic, well-established models constantly revamped to feature varying finishes, trigger and grip options.

The most elite of these series is known as the company’s LEGION Series in which they offer a membership only through purchasing one of the pistols within the product line up.

Not only do you get a high-end SIG, your membership allows you exclusive opportunity to purchase other LEGION branded products from top manufacturers such as knives, holsters, magazine carriers and even a free special form fitted LEGION pistol case.


Over the past four years since the program started, I have had the unique opportunity of shooting every model released in the LEGION system as they were released.

I currently own a LEGION 226 chambered in 9mm. Perhaps my favorite overall pistol offered from the series however is the LEGION 229 9mm compact.

Its overall handling, balance and performance is second to none.

Recently, SIG has added an extra twist to the LEGION line up by offering their full size 226 and compact 229 with a SIG ROMEO1 reflex sight in the form of the RX models.

When I was asked to review the SIG LEGION 229 RX Compact for this month’s review, I jumped at the opportunity.

This variation of the P229 is, like the original version, a pistol that serves just as well in a military or law enforcement duty holster as it does in a concealment holster due to its well-proportioned size — it’s about as balanced a design as they come.

SIG felt that there were some improvements that could be made to make this particular P229 more favored by the concealed carry crowd.

But how well, or necessary, are all the improvements? Let me list the improvements first, and discuss the only one that I found problematic.


My test P229 Legion Compact was shipped in .357 SIG caliber per my request.

The .357 SIG ranks right up there with the .38 Super and 10mm Automatic as one of the finest AND most underappreciated semi-automatic handgun cartridges currently available.