sig sauer p320 for sale


sig sauer p320 for sale




sig sauer p320 for sale

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One of the most common questions we get asked here at GND is whether you should buy a Glock 19 or a Sig P320.

Both are great guns, of course, as proven by their loyal followings, but there seems to be no real consensus on which is the best.

In some ways, the story of the Sig P320 is a strange one. When it was released, nobody really paid it any attention. It was just another 9mm handgun, much like the dozens of similar pistols that are released each year.

However, then the US Army decided to buy a load of these weapons for use by troops.

This instantly thrust the gun into the limelight – what had the Army seen in the weapon that made it better than the good old Glock 19?

This was a good question, not least because the Glock 19 had ruled the roost for many years.

The Austrian legend had built up an enviable reputation as a do-everything gun, small enough to conceal and yet large, powerful and accurate enough to see action as a full-sized service weapon.

The Sig P320 has to be really good to even stand a chance of being a replacement for the Glock 19, right?

Right. But the truth is that both of these weapons are actually pretty similar. The Sig P320 is also just about concealable, and also large and accurate enough to be a “do everything” pistol.

But which is better? Well, I suppose it depends what you are after.


Still, I’ll have shot at drawing out the differences between these two weapons.

Think about like this. The Glock 19 is basically the Honda Civic of handguns. It will run forever, shoot everything you give it, it never needs maintenance, and has a huge ammunition capacity.

The P320 also has all that, but makes a few tweaks that might – might – make it more suitable for you.

Compared to the P365 family of pistols, a hybrid handgun built with the S300 grip module will allow having the advantages of larger full-size slides such as the use of full-size red dot sights.

Additionally, unlike the standard grip modules of P365 pistols that have proprietary accessory rails, the S300 Hybrid features a standard 1913 Picatinny rail which expands the frame-mounted accessory options.

Amend2 S300 Hybrid grip module is listed on the company’s website at an MSRP of $59.99. This product is covered by a lifetime warranty.

As you probably know, grip modules of SIG P320 pistols are not the serialized parts (the fire control units are) hence they are not considered firearms and can be delivered to your doorstep without any paperwork.

The P320 Carry and compact models are purpose-made concealed-carry pistols.

The relatively short length of the slide means that they’ll work for any standard position for IWB carry: 3-5 o’clock or appendix position.

Unlike most of Sig Sauer’s pistol line, the P320 is striker fired. In keeping with good sense for a carry gun, it has no external safety or any other superfluous external controls.

Yet another reason to consider the P320 Compact or Carry is its modular chassis system. The serialized component is not the frame lower, but the chassis that rides inside of the un-serialized frame.

This means that you can swap out frames to fit your hand size (sm, md, lg)—even going from full-size to subcompact—and even changing from 9mm to Sig .357 to .40 to .45ACP without changing from one serialized gun to another.

I think this is a wonderful system for a modern firearm.

Sig P320 Carry Specs:

  • Chambering: 9mm
  • Length: 7.2”
  • Height: 5.5”
  • Width: 1.4”
  • Barrel: 3.9”
  • Trigger: ~5.5 lb.
  • Sights: SIGLITE® Night Sights
  • Safety: n/a
  • Weight: 26 oz.
  • Slide: Black, Nitron® finish
  • Capacity: 17+1
sig sauer p320 for sale

Shooting the P320

For the purpose of this review I shot the Carry model 9mm, which has the compact slide and the full-size grip. It’s all but identical to the compact model (only 2/10” difference in overall height).

The Carry model does, however, get 2 extra rounds in the magazine as compared to the compact model.

The first thing I noticed is that although the P320 is a striker-fired gun, it is configured like a hammer-fired pistol, with the beavertail and high bore axis.

Given this configuration, I was worried that it would display undue muzzle flip while shooting. I found that while there is more muzzle flip than say on a similarly sized Glock 19, with its low bore axis, the P320 wasn’t so bad.

The most significant difference here from what I’m used to shooting is that the grip angle on the P320 is more vertical than that on a Glock.

It’s the typical Sig grip angle, similar to a 1911.

This meant that my well-drilled point of aim had the muzzle pointing below proper position and it took me a few shots to remember to adjust so that my press-out placed the sights in proper alignment.

Once I did, though, shooting the P320 was a nice experience, especially due to the excellent trigger.

sig sauer p320 for sale

Comfort, Controllability, & Capacity

The grip of the P320 is rather substantial. It feels a little fat because it is more rounded on the sides than most grips.

Even with the full-feeling grip, my medium-sized hand has no trouble getting a good position on the trigger. I found it to be quite comfortable.

Of course if you don’t like the grip size, you can always change the frame for a larger or smaller one, at minimal expense.

There is a bit more muzzle flip than I find on most striker-fired pistols, but by resting my support-hand thumb forward on the takedown lever I found it easy to control the recoil.

I had no trouble shooting strings of several shots in quick succession and at multiple targets, so there are no control issues with this gun.

With 17-round magazines for the carry model and 15-rounders for the compact, the capacity is right in line with what I’d expect.

Interesting to note that the carry model grip is only 2/10” taller than the compact model, but you get 2 extra rounds in the mag.

Components and Features

The trigger on the P320 is without a doubt the best I’ve felt on any polymer, striker-fired pistol. If I could get this sort of feel and action into my pistols, I’d do it in a heartbeat.

I’m guessing some folks will enjoy the absence of a trigger-safety sticking out from the shoe, giving the trigger a more comfortable marriage with your finger pad.

The frame of the Sig P320 is kind of awesome. Because of the modular chassis, you can change out frames for grip size, color, model size, and even chambering without changing (serialized) guns.

Frames are available for about $46 in three colors: black, flat dark earth, and OD green; and each is available in small, medium, and large sizes to fit your preferred grip size.

For an armorer/tinker like me this is a wonderful and compelling innovation. More stuff to play around with! I note that the frame texture is quite mild, so like all other polymer pistols it’ll be useless if your hands are sweaty or bloody. Stippling is required.

The sights are iron, 3-dot night sights and the rear sight has a nice flat front face for easy purchase in one-handed slide racking.

I found them easy enough to pick up visually when firing and transitioning to different targets.

The magazines are steel, with polymer base plates, and very nicely constructed. They drop free when ejected.

They’re exchangeable between the P320 and the P250 of the same caliber and size. Unlike some steel mags, these don’t terribly abrade your thumb when charging rounds into them.

The external controls on the pistol seem well positioned to me and the magazine release is reversible.

The slide has serrations fore and aft and interesting contours and the frame’s picatinny rail allows for a flashlight or laser.

I like the fact that the bottom of the grip has a cutout for better purchase on the magazine base plate; useful for those malfunctions where the mag tends to stick.

Though this is just a shooting review and I did not field strip the pistol, the P320 has an easy and safe disassembly.

Rotation of the takedown lever allows disassembly without tools or trigger manipulation, which brings an added level of safety for careless people. Internals include a striker safety and disconnect safety.


The P320’s frame can be swapped for color or just the right fit, and even from compact to full-size and different calibers.

The trigger is as good as it gets for a polymer, striker pistol. The components are just right out of the box and the must-haves and must-not-haves are good to go here.

You get two magazines with the pistol. For me, it’s the only pistol I’ve encountered that could tempt me away from my current everyday-carry system.


As a carry gun, the P320 is a bit wider than you may like. For comparison, while a Glock runs 1.18” in width the P320 is a bit wider at 1.4”, which may impact how you choose to carry it.

The hammer-fired-like profile of this striker-fired pistol gives it quite a high bore axis, adding to the felt recoil and muzzle flip.

Using the takedown lever as a thumb rest for recoil management works, but is perhaps not the most comfortable proposition when shooting hundreds of rounds in one session (my already calloused thumb was rubbed pretty raw).

Sig Sauer’s new P-320 pistol is enjoying a considerable streak of publicity, in large part due to the U.S. Army’s adoption of it as the service’s new handgun.

One new variant of the rapidly growing P-320 line is the X-Carry, a compact handgun designed for concealed carriers and those that want smaller firearms with the handling qualities of full-sized pistols. The P320 X-Carry carries on a tradition of compact firearms that don’t compromise on performance.

One of the first compact firearms was the Colt Commander, a variant of the Colt 1911A1 .45 ACP service pistol.

A 1911A1 service pistol, more than eight inches long, could be difficult to draw and manipulate in the cab of a truck or armored vehicle.

It also needed to be smaller and less obtrusive in case the soldier carried a full-sized rifle in the field.

For this weapon, the Commander maintained the same size grip and ammunition magazine as the full-sized Colt Government but was half an inch shorter in length.

Designed for use by vehicle crews, officers, and senior noncommissioned officers, the gun was designed for the confines of mechanized warfare.

It was a reasonable tradeoff between compactness and barrel length, and required minimal retraining to transition between the two gun types